4 Month break from shows

Hey everyone, as you may have heard we are taking a break from playing shows and are working on a full length album to be released digitally and on 12 inch vinyl this winter. We’ll be doing our best to keep you informed on all the fun stuff we’ll be getting into!


GNC Sessions

Here’s video from our session on WPRK’s Grand National Championships!


You can download our session from Grand National Championships for FREE from Bandcamp!


Bedroom Sessions – Crawling Out The Lake

Acoustic version of “Crawling out the lake” recorded in Morgan’s Bedroom.

So much in the works right now. We are releasing our album soon in a limited (100) pressing of randomly colored cassettes with a Digital Download Card, featuring all new tracks that have yet to be released as well as remastered versions of the songs we’ve already released digitally. We are also planning an 8 day tour of Florida in March. Oh, and we are working on a trippy ass video for “Are You Afraid Of The Dark”. Things are going to get weird!

wiping off some dust 

So much

So so so much love for Local 662 for hosting a great night last Friday. It was complete madness. You can see some photos from the show on our facebook!


Antiwarpt completely exceeded expectation. Awesomeness oozed from every nook and cranny of St. Petersburg. I’d recommend checking out Jane Jane Pollock, Loud Valley, Alias Punch, Equines, Hear Hums, Maximino, RedFeather, Florida Night Heat….. Really everyone who played at Antiwarpt this year. My entire body was sore the next day from walking around from 1:30pm to 4:00am, but it was so worth it.

We got some video footage from our set at Octave, and will be piecing it together as part of our upcoming video for “Are You Afraid of the Dark?”!!!



The Mother Machine 4pm Octave!

We Love Whorlando!

What a freakin awesome weekend. Shit got really strange at Uncle Lou’s on Friday in the best way possible. Bunch of sweaty people crammed into Lou’s for some good ole fashioned BBQ, liquid light show, PBR and some absurd rock music. The air was thick with sweat, smoke, and electricity. Saturdays show was a great time of a whole different flavor at Orlando Brewing, not only because the beer was substantially tastier than PBR, but the show also turned out to be a wedding reception for a lovely couple, so cupcakes were enjoyed by all. Joe’s band Juan Pablo opened up the night with some killer tunes, and SNAFU rocked out their album release. All in all, a weekend to be remembered.